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Aurélie Chesny

Child, Adolescent and Family 
Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Jill Duncan

Family and Systemic Psychotherapist


Dr. Jade Smith

Clinical Psychologist

The fee scale is a guideline only as a basis for discussion and agreement with the therapist. Our aim is to maintain fees at affordable levels for clients, based on annual income for individuals and joint annual income for couples.


The cost of therapy is usually shared between adult family members who are receiving an income. You should therefore discuss the scale of fees with those adults who will be attending therapy in order to decide the fee per session for your family.


For weekday appointments

Fee Per Session/supervision

Total Income


Up to £25,000






£150,000 and over











8 or 8.30am
From 5pm








Juan Carlos Lema M.Sc, DSTTS
Founder, Psychologist and Family Psychotherapist
Consults in Wimbledon

Juan Carlos is a Psychologist and Family Psychotherapist. He graduated from Universidad Javeriana (Xavier University) in Colombia. In addition he did an MSc in Systemic Psychotherapy, a Diploma in Systemic teaching training and supervision and an MSc in Systemic management in Kensington Consultation.


From 1994 until 2010 Juan Carlos worked as a tutor/lectures/ supervisor at Kensington Consultation Centre both in the therapy and the management school at MSc level. Since 2010 he has been coordinating the training for CNWL multidisciplinary team on Systemic ideas.


He is interested in working with individuals couples, groups, children and their families and has worked with them in different contexts such as:


  • The effect of war on Children (Bosnia 1995-1999)

  • Children whose parents suffer from chronic illnesses, loss and bereavement (Orphaids in Ecuador)

  • And in 2009 he joined CNWL NHS Foundation Trust to work as a Specialist Systemic Psychotherapist with children, having had worked in the charity sector (West London Action for Children) for many years.


Juan Carlos has a vast experience offering Consultation to Organisations like:


  • Orphaids in Ecuador

  • Hospital of Psychiatry in Augustenburg, Denmark

  • British and Latin American NGOs

  • MEDAC Medical action for global security

  • United Nations

  • Care International


Juan Carlos has worked in the former Yugoslavia on behalf of UN and UNICEF training members of the community in dealing with sexual abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Loss and Trauma. 1995 - 1999, as a result he published in September 2009 Ordinary and Extraordinary Narratives of Heroism and Resistance; dealing with trauma and PTSD.


Juan Carlos worked also for Open Channels 1997-1999 as a Research coordinator of NGOs politically sensitive Colombian Community Research Project.

Please Note:

 1. Fees for students may be negotiated at a lower rate with 10% discount.

2. Weekend appointments will have a surcharge of 25% from the normal price for the session.

3. You will be expected to pay your agreed fee when you book the appointment unless agreed otherwise with the therapist .



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